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Give a gift card to someone in the family, a good friend or maybe to yourself! The gift card can be used for bus excursions in Lovely Denmark.
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Status of "Would you like to book a bus with us again?" is :
Hello Center Tourist. Everything went great, and heard nothing about any problems around the buses. The drivers were there well in advance and stood with the guests who sent Thai lights up. So thank you for good cooperation.
Peter Holm Nielsen
Event Factory f / Vestas
Hello Center Tourist. Thank you for that - it must be nice for you to know that you have such friendly and service minded drivers! Also a big thank you for the cooperation from here. After all, it has been impeccable - at least from my chair - and we were transported around on Friday on our way to and from Zealand - a nice detail to get such a nice bus to ride in. We have also only experienced friendly drivers and always the willingness and ability to adjust slightly at departure times if a rally pulled out or was completed ahead of time. We do not yet know what the future will bring for Chiefs at the School, but we will definitely return if we get money to do something next year too. Many greetings and thanks for this time.
Niels Grinderslev
Danish School Sport